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How are player prices determined?

Similar to stock markets, a players share value is determined by supply and demand. If a player is performing well, is earning a lot of media and performance buzz dividends, is being touted for a big money move or gets injured, then it is likely the players share value. It pays to be up to date with all the latest news, you can use the Findexer Dashboard for live update streams direct from source. It is important to add, you do not need to know how to trade stocks and shares to use Football Index.

How is Media Buzz calculated?

The Media Buzz dividend is calculated by an algorithm built by Football Index. It creates scores based on news released by 25 major UK publishers as mentioned earlier on in this Training Academy. The actual way the algorithm allocates points is kept secret by Football Index to avoid any chances of it being manipulated or gamed by players in any way. However, we do know it scores articles using a points system, scoring articles between 10 and 240 points, more than likely based on article sentiment and similar factors.

You can read more about the Media Buzz scoring system by clicking here

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How is the Performance Buzz calculated?

Calculating Performance Buzz is more straight forward and transparent than Media Buzz. It Is calculated using a number of key in game factors such as shots on target, blocked shots, penalties, bookings and so on. You can see a list of factors in the accompanying table. All statistical data is provided by OPTA.

How can I check if my players have won a daily Buzz dividend?

You can check the daily buzz winners at www.footballbuzz.guru or login to your Football Index account.

What does single/double/treble day mean?

It means that the Performance Buzz for that day is multiplied depending on the amount of eligible games being played that day.

For more in depth explanations and information about Buzz dividends, you should check out the first section of the Findexer Training Academy if you haven’t done so already.

What happens if the buzz points are tied?

In the event of a tie, the youngest player will win the dividend.

What time are dividends paid out, and how do I claim?

Dividends are paid out between 12:00 am & 03:00 GMT time every day. They are automatically paid directly into your Football Index Cash Balance, so you do not need to do anything.

If a player wins a buzz dividend and I buy his shares on the same day, do I get paid?

The dividend deadline is 2pm on any given day so you must have bought shares in that player prior to then. You must also still be holding those shares at 12 midnight the same day in order to get paid.

What is the difference between “Top 200” and “Squad Players”?

Only players in the Top 200 are eligible to win dividends. There are a further 1800 Squad Players available to buy. Investors usually buy Squad Players when speculating on share price increases, as they are not eligible for dividends. This is important to remember when creating your portfolio of player shares.

How long is the ‘Share Period’?

Each player share you buy lasts a maximum of 3 years, so you should sell them before then. If you leave them to expire, your shares in that player will be lost.

Do I need to pick a complete team?

Unlike fantasy football, you do not need to pick a complete team. You can buy shares in whichever and many players as you like.

Can I buy more than 1 share in a footballer?

Yes, you can buy as many shares as you like. All prices listed are the prices for 1 share. The only buying limit is 100 shares per transaction, however, you can make multiple transactions if you wish.

What is a Tracker?

A Tracker is when a bunch of the top players are grouped together and sold as a share. E.g. If you buy shares in the Tracker 25, this is the top 25 players on the index. Whilst Trackers almost guarantee dividend payments, they are expensive to buy and can tie up a lot of your budget which might have been better spent on individual players. Trackers are available in Tracker 10, Tracker 25, Tracker 50 or Tracker 100.

How does Football Index profit?

Football index charge a 2% + 0.01p fee on all player sales. Be sure to allow for this when calculated profits.

How can I lose?

First of all, you can never lose more than you deposit. Furthermore, you can only lose your stake in a player if you purchase a player that retires, moves to a league which is not included in the index, or your share(s) expires (each share has a 3 year duration). You can potentially lose some of your stake if your player drops in value, however, this price can also rise back up again. Remember, in this case you would only really “lose” should you decide to sell the player at a time when he is worth less than what you paid, in which case you would lose the difference.


If you have already read part one of this Training section, then you are now ready to setup your new Football Index account. Click the button below and spend some time familiarising yourself with the platform. Then, before buying any players, come back to TheFindexer and read our Tips and Tactics section to stand a better chance of winning.

You must be at least 18+ years to play Football Index. The minimum deposit is £10, however to buy shares in some of the best players mark we recommend starting with at least £100-£500 if your budget permits, this way you can take good advantage of the £500 NO LOSE BONUS during your first week whilst figuring out the platform.