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Do not panic sell

Who should I buy? There is no real answer to this. When starting out, the best strategy is to look back through the payment structures and see which approach suits you best.

Different investors have different aims, strategies and budgets. As an example, if you want to keep your account ticking over with dividends then you should look at buying players in the top 25, however shares in these players are expensive. If you want to invest in upcoming players, then look at younger players coming through the ranks, any player who is likely to get a big money move is going to see an increase in their value. As a compromise, you could mix it up and buy shares in both types of players.

TIP: Stay on top of the latest football news. Use The Findexer Dashboard, its FREE and shows live streams of all the latest football news, transfers, stats etc. This is a great way to discover players who are probably undervalued.

TIP: Diversify your portfolio. Decide what % of your budget you want to spend on expensive players who regularly get dividends, and cheaper alternatives.

TIP: Good players in real life might not necessarily be the best to buy on Football Index. You need to invest in players who do well when it comes to fulfilling the payment criteria set in place by Football Index.

TIP: Players values can rise AND fall. Don’t panic sell if you think the player is going to turn around his form.

TIP: Don’t forget that this is a not an accumulator so you are unlikely to see massive wins all at once (and losses). You are best off playing the long game, keeping dividends coming in and investing in the right players at the right time.

TIP: If you have a lot of your budget tied up in a player who isn’t performing and share price is falling, and you notice a player flying up through the ranks, even if you may take a loss on your current player sometimes its best to take a small loss and invest another player.

TIP: Be careful which sources of information you use to influence your investments. There are many news sources who are not reliable. Be vigilant, research rumours extensively.

TIP: Whilst a players value and Media Buzz dividends may increase in times of big transfer speculation, once they are sold they usually see a drop in value.

TIP: Long term injuries will usually see a players value drop.

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